Lamb coratella - no part of the animal is wasted. To be consumed with fava beans and a nice ChiantI!
Lamb being cooked alla bracce
The Passion re-enacted in Vetriolo

Buona Pasqua!

Forget the political turmoil, over 30% youth unemployment and the general pessimism rampant in Italy at the moment; despite or to spite the current recession, Easter will carry on regardless. There may not be a Prime Minister of this old and proud nation, but by God there will be lamb …

Horse meat on display

Food on the Side

One of the great things about Italy is undoubtedly the food. The home of pizza and ice-cream is awash with local eateries …

La carne, not to be confused with il cane

Talking Italian

We’ve all done it, ‘invented’ a word in Italian, guessed at an ending or generally mispronounced something so badly it caused titters. …

A look at cultural norms in la bell'Italia

Italy: A Survival Guide

  A humorous and affectionate look at cultural norms in Italy – from having babies to ordering food. Does include some swearing …

Payment in olive oil is always welcome

Work for peanuts…or wine or cake

Downturn, recession, global crisis – however you describe it, the picture isn’t pretty. In the Italian countryside people have been facing economic …


It’s Christmas!!!

Christmas is just around the corner and it is at times like this that I miss Ireland. By now the pubs will …

Rush-hour in Umbria
Pippo gets angry!

Driving and Parking in Italy

Here in Umbria the traffic is  minimal but elsewhere on the roads in Italy there is stress, confusion and even occasionally, rude …

Fresh tagliatelle

Ready for hibernation

As winter fast approaches I’ve started to worry about the impending temperature drop and the possibility of being snowed-in, again. My squirrel-like …

Cycling in Umbria

Cycling in Umbria

Just recently I was introduced to a new acronym, and phenomenon, the MAMIL or Middle Aged Man in Lycra. The idea of …